Augmented Reality Summit is your chance to interact and engage directly from the industry leaders whilst discovering the future of AR first hand.
Our aim is to bring together the AR community to debate the hot topics for 2013 with a action packed agenda looking into how brands are adopting AR as a marketing tool, the latest tips & tricks, technologies & platforms, successful AR strategies plus a look to the future.
The conference will include a number of interactive formats enabling delegates not only to learn from keynote presentations from industry leaders, but also to hear key speakers being interviewed, participate in open debates & highly interactive panel discussions.  The format is designed to increase collaborative learning among delegates.
Future is…Augmented Reality Summit
The growth of augmented reality in the past year has been huge with leading brands & technology providers adopting the technology to enhance their customer’s experiences.   We have recently witnessed a number of key sectors embracing AR; from the gaming sector, top TV shows and leading brands, all of which shows signs that the future of AR is set to explode to new heights in advertising, gaming and in our everyday life’s
0830 – 0915
Registration & Morning Networking
0915 – 0930
Chairman’s Introduction
Ken Blakeslee – WebMobility Ventures

0930 – 1000
What does the latest research tell us about how AR is growing and the role it will have in peoples’ business and personal lives?
– What’s driving annual growth  in the AR market?

– Leading hardware trends you need to be aware of within AR
– What will the game-changing, killer AR application involve?
Aapo Markkanen, Mobile Industry Analyst, ABI Research
1000 – 1045
What are the technologies pushing AR industry development forward?
Discuss AR opportunities and applications across different industry verticals

– AR – giving wearable computing devices a reason to exist?
– What is the role of the smartphone in the real world/data mix of the future?
– What do these technologies mean for brands, publishers and the developer
Moderator: Alex Pell, Journalist & founder of Dashboard Media
Michael Gervautz. Director, Business Development, QUALCOMM

Nizar Romdan, Director of Ecosystem, ARM
Jessica Butcher, Co-founder and CMO, Blippar
Stuart Cupit, Co-founder & Director, Inition 
1045 – 1130
Morning Break & demo expo area
1130- 1150
The Augmented City  
The Augmented City is the visionary idea of adding digital information to real objects in a city by recognizing them. This session will examine the core technologies necessary for creating the most interactive and immersive AR experiences, such as the overlay of virtual information on building facades, city streets and almost any 3D real world object or device
Sascha Kiener, Business Development & Key Account Manager, metaio
1150- 1245 Showreel Showcase of consumer use AR with Q&A

A showcase of inspiring examples of how AR can be used within marketing strategies across publishing, advertising and entertainment, as well as provide insightful knowledge into planning, developing and executing a successful AR campaign.
Delivering Retail-tainment using AR – Connell Gauld, Platform Director, Zappar

t@g – A SoLoMo, AR graffiti game for the Sony PS Vita – Richard Carter, Digital Director, Bolser
Augmented Revenue – Chris Ricketts, Head of Multi Media, Telegraph
1240 – 1300 Audi and Somo: Switching on Audi Vision


Last month Audi became the first automobile manufacturer to offer its very own augmented reality platform, Audi Vision, designed and built by Somo. In this case study session, Audi and Somo will explain the thinking behind Audi’s most innovative digital project to date, and share how Audi Vision will pioneer the next generation of digital marketing.
Nick Haywood, Account Director, Somo
Nicola Smith, Social Media and Community Manager, Audi UK

1300 – 1400
Lunch Break, Networking & Expo demo areas
1400 – 1430
Enabling next generation mobile augmented reality, the ARM way
ARM is at the heart of technologies that enable Augmented Reality.
Mobile and embedded computing systems are the vehicle for exciting and immersive AR experiences. Compute Architectures are evolving to satisfy requirements of AR applications for performance and energy efficiency.
Following an introduction to ARM technologies and business model, this presentation will explore how current and future AR use cases can be enabled, the ARM way.
Nizar Romdan, Director of Ecosystem, ARM
1430 – 1515
 Educational AR – the richer way to tell the tale
Case Studies: How are educational institutions applying AR techniques?
– How AR technology enables more efficient learning
– More than just entertainment: AR for engaging, interactive audience communication
– Examine education’s responsibility to embrace important new technology
Moderator: Michael Gervautz. Director, Business Development, QUALCOMM
Rene Bastijans, Product Manager Future Technologies, Pearson
Farzana Latif, Educational Technology Project Manager, City University London
Anthony Harris, Marketing Manager, Aurasma
Laura Skilton, Project Manager, SCARLET
1515 – 1525
Intro to Smartglasses
Paul Travers, CEO, Vuzix
Panel: Augmented Reality eye wear – How does the world look through AR eyes?
What defines the user experience around AR glasses?
– Enabling instantaneous, effortless access to information
– How personal is this channel? Marketing and advertising considerations
– What happens when AR technology just lives in our eyes all the time?
Moderator: Ken Blakeslee – WebMobility Ventures
Geoff McCormick, Director, The Alloy
Paul Travers, CEO, Vuzix
Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures
Will Powell, Head of Innovation, Keytree

1600 – 1640
Afternoon break
1640 – 1700 UI for AR gesture, voice recognition & image recognition
Examining the latest developments in gesture and voice-based user interfaces
Applications for image and facial recognition, where are the big opportunities?
– Defining consumer and business opportunities in AR spatial collaboration
Steve Dann, CEO, Berwick Post

1700 – 1720 Perceptual Augmentation Revisited – The Desire for Bespoke Cybernetic Sensoria
Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures
17.20 – 17.30
Closing remarks
Ken Blakeslee – WebMobility Ventures
17.30 – 19.30

Drinks networking reception – Awards

AR Summit 2012 speakers included:

-Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, Webmobility Ventures
-Andy McCormick, 12ahead.
-Katz Kiely, Head of Digital, London 2012, Westfield
-Ann Longley, Head of Social Media, MEC
-Natasha Conetta Senior Customer Communications Manager, Virgin Media
-Ryan Davies, Digital Consultant, RAPP
-Julian Harris, Senior Business Development Manager, QUALCOMM
-Martin Copus, Executive Director, Sports Revolution Digital
-Sander Veenhof, Dutch new media artist
-Scott Fletcher, Head of Interactive, Play Nicely
-Lester Madden, Founder and Director, Augmented Planet
-Naji El-Arifi, Innovation Manager, Somo
-Julian Harris, Senior Business Development Manager, QUALCOMM
-Phill Smith, Demo Solutions Manager, ARM
-Antoine Brachet, Marketing Director, Total Immersion
-Adam Vahed, Managing Director, Apache Solutions
-Claire Boonstra, Co-founder, Layar
-Jessica Butcher, Co-founder and CMO, Blippar
-Tomo OHNO, Founder, Kudan
-Amit Kotecha, Mobile and Networks Manager, IAB
-Clark Dever, Technology Strategist, Vuzix
-Luke Robert Mason, Director of Virtual Futures