Platinum Sponsor – ARM
ARM is the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier and as such is at the heart of the development of digital electronic products. ARM works in collaboration with the broad ARM Partnership to bring innovation and diversity to the mobile industry.

Smartphones, tablets, mobile computing all benefit from the scalable,
energy efficient, high performance ARM® architecture. ARM is continuously looking to the future of mobile devices enabling the next generation experience.


Gold Sponsors – Qualcomm
 Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM) is a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies.  For 25 years, Qualcomm ideas and inventions have driven the evolution of wireless communications, connecting people more closely to information, entertainment and each other.

Today, Qualcomm technologies are powering the convergence of mobile communications and consumer electronics, making wireless devices and services more personal, affordable and accessible to people everywhere.

For more information, visit Qualcomm around the Web


Gold sponsor – Aurasma
We’re changing the way people see and interact with the world Since launching in 2011, Aurasma has quickly risen to become the world’s leading augmented reality platform with over 16,000 partners operating in over 100 countries.

Our vision is to enable an augmented world, where every image, object and place has its own Aura. Download the free Aurasma app or become a partner and start changing the way you see and interact with the world today.


Gold Sponsor – metaio
 Metaio is a fast growing technology company located in Munich, Germany and San Francisco, USA. As the global leader in Augmented Reality, the Metaio software and solutions are used by more than 30,000 professionals including a strong user base in the development, creative and engineering space. Today Metaio’s AR technology is helping brands and business all around the world to bring exciting digital experiences and/or educational tools to over 30 million consumers.

AR professionals chose Metaio as it is the only AR company that can guarantee a seamless AR workflow with solutions specific for AR hardware and devices, software and applications, content creation as well as content distribution and monetization. Metaio was founded in February 2003 and currently employs more than 90+ team members with a multinational and multidisciplinary background.


Silver Sponsor – VividWorks
VividPlatform Ltd. offers innovative online 3D design-to-purchase SaaS platform solutions to the global market. Their platform enables a visual customization of products as a part of the purchase experience.
VividAR and iPad together brings exiting new way to snap picture of your own room and start adding and arranging furniture instantly inside the image, and modifying accessories and materials. Even when the shops are closed! Interior design has never been this easy!


Sponsor AR Summit
The Augmented Reality Summit is positioned at the forefront of this exciting continually developing new industry.

Whether you are a brand, advertiser or agency, technology provider or developer looking to meet key industry figures, showcase technologies and services, keep up with the latest developments or simply reach out to the audience – The AR Summit provides an excellent platform.

Key benefits of sponsoring the AR Summit:

* Brand exposure across the industry pre, during & post event
* Pro-active relationship re-enforcement with your key target audience
* Play a key role in driving forward this new dynamic industry
* Association of supporting a leading AR figure event

Whether you are looking to become a prestigious platinum sponsor, exhibit the latest in AR technologies or sponsor the networking party, we arrange all of our sponsorship packages bespoke, providing your company with exactly what it  wants from the event, tailored to your goals, objectives and budget.

We want to insure our sponsors get the most out of the event, which includes pre-event, on the day, and after.

We do this by providing exposure and branding throughout our website, marketing activity online & offline, social media channels, media & association partners, PR, event blog & newsletter plus onsite branding & event brochure.

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